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Afif Kamal
Name: Afif Kamal
Company Position: Senior Consultant-Information Technology
Email Address:
Phone Number: +6018 311 1800
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​Afif is a seasoned professional with a proven track record in the recruitment sector, particularly within Malaysia's Information Technology landscape. His standout proficiency lies in the focus of tech hiring across various industries.

His prowess extends the entire spectrum of recruitment, from sourcing candidates to conducting insightful interviews, evaluating skill sets, adeptly negotiating offers, and nurturing enduring relationships with both clients and candidates. Afif's intuitive grasp of client needs and astute awareness of industry trends empower him to discern top-tier talent, cultivate expansive networks, and deliver bespoke staffing solutions.

His unwavering dedication to understanding market dynamics and aligning them with candidate requirements underscores his commitment to excellence. With an expansive wealth of experience spanning the vast APAC region, Afif brings forth unparalleled insights and a wealth of experience, driving successful outcomes within the dynamic realm of  recruitment.


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