Our Background

We are Ellwood Consulting, a unique and specialised recruitment firm with a strong footing in Shared Services Center (SSC), multinational corporation (MNC) and public listed companies (PLC) in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.


Mark Ellwood

​Our Founder

Mark Ellwood created Ellwood Consulting with 20+ years of prior specialised recruitment to his name. As the former Managing Director, Asia of one of the world's leading publicly listed recruitment firms, Mark was responsible for the brand's introduction and growth in Singapore, Malaysia, Greater China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. 

With years spent developing high-performing teams and profitable offices across Asia, Mark has steered global talent agencies successfully and met the recruitment needs of his clients through financial crises, talent shortages and even political unrest.

Through Mark's passion for his clients and his desire to help push the industry forward, and through paying very close attention to the detail of clients’ hiring needs and the market response, he has developed a keen sense of the mood in the market and strong proprietary intelligence regarding optimal hiring and remuneration practices. This deep understanding adds significant value to his clients’ whole approach to recruitment compensation/benefits benchmarking and improves their own market intelligence and sector knowledge.

In Malaysia, Mark identified an opportunity and an exciting challenge in the form of a nation with an increasing demand for high-quality professionals; an environment in which he could apply his specific skills and expertise. He saw Malaysia's growing regional prominence and the increasing number of MNCs establishing a local presence and knew the timing was right for him to help drive this growth further by sourcing the right talent.

Ellwood Consulting delivers high-quality candidates through a refined, personal process under the stewardship of one of Asia's highest-performing recruitment professionals.

Our Growth

Since founding the office in Kuala Lumpur, Ellwood Consulting has successfully and consistently grown with clients and candidates alike drawn to the firm’s personal service and deep sector knowledge. We’ve gone from a single founder-owner to a strong team of dedicated specialized consultants, focussing on recruiting into various functions and we are continually looking for ways to grow and expand the business and enhance our services.

Having built a firm foundation in Malaysia, the time became ripe for expansion into Singapore. A regional hub for many MNCs and regional organisations from across South East Asia, the city-state is home to a highly-skilled local talent pool.  The country’s business community benefits from attractive tax frameworks, extensive trade agreements and government incentives. It also possesses a stable political environment that gives comfort to entrepreneurs and start-up businesses, alongside its attractive education standards and world-class healthcare facilities. It’s a family-friendly, safe environment and a strong magnet for professionals looking to relocate with families.

It is therefore unsurprising that Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the top two or three places in the world for ‘ease of doing business'.

In Singapore, we are working with a number of large MNC clients, alongside small, innovative players across finance, management consultancy, IT and digital marketing and we are constantly looking for avenues to grow the business.

So if you are a potential client, candidate or even interested in joining our team at this exciting time, get in touch now for a conversation.