Advice For Candidates


How to prepare for an interview

If an organisation can create a winning, positive culture with an experienced and collaborative hiring process it can be instrumental in attracting and retaining top talent. 

Writing a resume

Writing a resume is a little different from country to country. It’s not drastically different, but there are a few nuances that you can take advantage of when looking for a job.

How to research a company for a job interview

You should know just how important it is to thoroughly research a company before a job interview, but many people aren’t sure where to look or what to look for. Read on for some tips on how to get an understanding of a company that will help you secure the position. 

How to deal with a difficult boss

Every individual will encounter a boss that is difficult to deal with because of the vast differences in people’s personalities, values and work ethics. You could have a boss who is controlling, a bully, micromanager, abusive, insensitive or just simply a dysfunctional person. Below are several ideas to help you deal with your difficult boss.

How to negotiate a salary

Salary is a fundamental factor in determining your interest in accepting a job offer. Salary negotiations should be postponed until you're offered the job. Let your potential employer decide whether you're the right candidate, and then proceed to salary negotiations. Here's how you can sway the negotiations in your favour.