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What people are saying about Ellwood Consulting 

At Ellwood Consulting, we are passionate about meeting and exceeding the expectations of both clients and candidates. We also run regular satisfaction surveys and in our latest survey, we scored over 80% on all our satisfaction metrics, and over 90% on nearly half of those.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what people had to say about us when we asked for their experiences:


"It has been a great experience dealing with Ellwood Consulting throughout the whole hiring process. The consultant was approachable and very easy to talk to and never failed to respond to my emails or messages in a timely manner. She spent time briefing me about the role, the reporting structure and the organisation as well as the prospects of the role and the expectations of the client. She was also very good and discussing any enquiries I had with the client and showed great initiative following up with me before and after each interview. Really excellent"

"Ellwood helped me land on my dream job. What you guys are doing right now works great"

" I have a great relationship with the recruiter at Ellwood Consulting. She has not only helped me to find the right career but has also been willing to listen to my challenges after I started my job. She continues to support me by helping me to fill the positions in my team. I don't think I ever need to find any new recruiter after meeting Ellwood."

"Overall, she gave me the impression that she was genuinely interested in my career aspirations and I liked her sincerity and warmth throughout my job search. Moreover, the consultant was approachable and a committed individual and was always available to talk with me."

"The consultant displayed excellent tenacity at seeking out the right opportunity for me. She maintained frequent contact, provided suggestions/tips on resumes and interviews and was also valiant enough to recommend my profile to prospective employers for areas not directly related to my current role. She is simply the best representative I have had."

"The consultant I dealt with at Ellwood Consulting is excellent, not only providing a good service but also assisting with the negotiation part of my package."

"Based on my skills and experience, the consultant actually proposed a different role to the one I applied for. It was not one that I had previously considered, but during the preparation for the interview it became apparent that it was indeed a good fit and the consultant gave excellent advice and guidance, including how my skills and experience fitted with the client’s needs."

"Most recruitment companies are fair weather friends, but with Ellwood Consulting I felt that I was treated as a person rather than a commodity. I am also impressed that Ellwood takes the necessary measures with regards customer data privacy."

"When I went to my interview through Ellwood Consulting I felt fully prepared because the consultant fully briefed me about the client, their requirements and how my expertise would match the job scope. So I attended the interview with full confidence and I am now in a new job thanks to the excellent skills demonstrated by the consultant."

"I have dealt with many recruitment companies before, but Ellwood Consulting is different because they keep me posted on progress, affirmative or otherwise. In my view it is important to keep a candidate updated rather than being left in a limbo."


"The consultant is one of those rare individuals who combines a knowledge of employer needs with a skilled counselling approach when working with potential job applicants. He sees both perspectives, analyses where there is common ground between an employer’s culture and an applicant’s strengths, then delivers a candid assessment to both parties about ‘fit’. This exemplary sensitivity to both sides of the employment equation and his broad base of experience in the human capital marketplace makes him an invaluable resource."

"The consultant has demonstrated to be the best headhunter I have been in contact with; dedicated, passionate, an excellent professional."

"I must say that Ellwood Consulting has taken job agency search and recruitment to another level. Never came across this type of job agency in the region. Ellwood Consulting is doing a great job and thanks for your support and guidance."

"I am very happy with the services provided by the consultants at Ellwood Consulting. They are pro-active, efficient and trustworthy. I have no hesitation in recommending them."

" The consultant is a really good recruiter; she understood right away what were we looking for, and proposed some profiles within a very short timeframe. I even recommended my other colleague within the business divisions to use her service. Very happy with her service so far."

"I strongly believe the quality of a firm’s employees are indication of a firm’s future success. If Ellwood maintains this service level to all its clients, then the firm has a very bright future indeed."

"We were looking to build a team in a short space of time and asked Ellwood Consulting to handle this specific project. The timelines were very tight, but I and my colleagues were impressed with how the EC guys were able to quickly source some very well qualified candidates. They also coordianted the inteviews and took ownership over the feeback process. They were a huge help in keeping the project within budget. Highly recommended."

"The quality of the resumes I've received from Ellwood Consulting have been excellent. It is reassuring that the profiles are clearly  screened according to my requirements - a refreshing change from previous experiences with other firms"

"Let me put it this way. There are many recruiters that fill jobs. Some give a high level of service, but there are very few that feel like a true partner to your business. Our experience with Ellwood Consulting has definitely felt like a partnership and we look forward to that relationship continuing over the coming years."

"In a crowded market like Singapore it’s good to see a new entrant to the recruitment scene take their service levels to another level."

"The individuals we met had been very well briefed on our company and the opportunity which made the whole hiring process so much smoother."