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Why a career in recruitment consultancy?

The key point here is that you can and should look at recruitment as a career rather than just a job. It offers outstanding opportunities to the aspirational individual such as international mobility, managing teams of like-minded individuals, managing and driving a P&L, being an entrepreneur within a business and having exposure to a multitude of MNCs, SMEs and high-level decision makers. It also means being an instrumental part of a key fundamental decision-making process; namely when someone chooses to move from one job to another.

It’s a career that can be financially rewarding, where every day is different with a unique set of challenges to be faced in a dynamic and fast changing environment where you have a pivotal role to play in the employment process.

What makes a successful recruitment consultant?

It takes a number of attributes to become a successful consultant. You need to be passionate about the organisations and people you represent, you need to have the ability to work hard in a target driven environment, possess excellent time management, organisational and communication skills, have the ability to deal with a wide range of people and personalities and the confidence to develop your business and build strong relationships with your clients and candidates.

Why Join Ellwood Consulting?

  • Our Founder has over 20 years of recruitment experience in Asia alone, having worked for a large publicly listed recruitment firm where he opened eight offices in six different countries covering North and South East Asia. Mark Ellwood has a proven track record of growing teams, offices and developing recruitment careers.

  • We are neither a publicly listed company, nor do we have venture capital, nor private equity backing. As a privately-owned firm we can focus our time and energies on candidates and clients rather than on shareholder returns.

  • We have a mature culture where the focus is on delivering a quality offering to our candidates and clients rather than management by KPIs.

  • Our rewards structure incentivises the best and remunerates the best in the market.

  • We can do this as we are free from the bureaucracy of the larger recruitment firms as well as the layers of management and central support teams that generally sit outside of the country and have an impact on local salaries and bonuses.

  • Working very closely with a smaller group of client partners also means we can be more proactive, with a broader range of potential targets to approach, hunting down the passive talent in the market and working hard to fill positions quickly. We like to be out there in the market, speaking to people and gathering intelligence and recommendations, not simply posting adverts on job boards.

  • We want to have a balance between working hard and playing hard. We believe in celebrating success and having fun in a professional environment. Fewer meetings, greater agility.

  • Our CRM technology ensures our consultants are highly efficient and they can have access to their candidates and clients either via a desktop, their mobile telephone or tablet device.

  • We want individuals who have a keen entrepreneurial mindset, can think outside the box and want to make a difference. We don’t want to micro-manage you. Instead, we want you to learn and grow to be recognised as the best in what you do.

  • Ellwood Consulting has a fair, open, honest and transparent culture. We expect a high degree of integrity and commitment from our employees and we will ensure that this is reciprocated.

  • We have a collaborative and fun team environment that strongly promotes information sharing to ensure that the best interests of our candidates and clients are met.

  • We look for individuals who are driven to achieve results and success, take pride and passion in the work that they do and are hungry to succeed.

    • As a boutique firm, our consultants are able to work on a greater variety and level of roles compared to larger recruitment firms where there is a tendency for consultants to have a narrow focus as desks are continually being split.

If this sounds like the type of company and environment you would like to work in then please get in touch to have a confidential discussion.

Either drop me an email at or call my mobile +65 9632 9074 (Singapore)

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