Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process

Our Methods

At Ellwood Consulting we know that a good hire is about personality and cultural fit, not just academic and skills-based qualifications. Our consultants understand the qualities that make great candidates and combine this knowledge with an appreciation of the nuances of each role they work on. This enables them to make the best recommendations for you.

Understanding past achievements is necessary, but asking the right questions, and listening for the right answers can reveal how a candidate behaves and functions in the workplace and under changing circumstances.

This methodology cuts through the interview façade and allows our consultants to assess cultural fit, which is the better indicator of how long a new hire is likely to stay with your organisation and the contribution they are likely to make to the business.

A great candidate will not only meet the education and skills requirements of the role; they will enter your organisation with the attitude, drive and vision that will add value to the team and help you to achieve your goals.

Most people ask, ‘Do they have the right qualifications? Do they have the experience?’.

We know that the right question is, will they improve the organisation?

We are firm on our promise of building long-term relationships through sector expertise, personal service and integrity to continually deliver the best candidates.

Our Recruitment Process Overview