Our Approach

Twin Towers Skybridge, showcasing Ellwood Consulting's principle of engagement with candidates and clients.

At Ellwood Consulting we believe the process is just as important as the result, and this belief guides the way we recruit and serve our clients. Through a continual focus on quality at every step of the recruitment cycle, we set ourselves apart by delivering a superior service to both clients and candidates.

We do not see recruitment as simply a means to an end, but rather an evolving process within a close partnership. We understand that you’re not simply trying to fill an empty seat. You know that your human capital is an investment, and we have the knowledge and the expertise to ensure you profit.

To create a sustainable relationship for you and your candidate, we take the extra steps to:

  • Understand your organisation
  • Understand your culture
  • Understand the hiring manager’s personality and leadership style

Communication is the gateway to understanding your needs and conversing with the right people is key. The relationships we build with key stakeholders within your organisation will allow us to assess and filter candidates more efficiently and effectively.

By listening to both sides, candidate and employer, we can understand what is required to fill a position. Taking that understanding we can define objectives for both parties and use these to filter candidates coming through our sourcing channels. When all objectives are met, we know we have found the best fit.