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Ellwood Consulting offers three main recruitment services to clients; contingency search, retained search and project-based search. Once we understand your requirements we can recommend a service, or mix of services, to suit your needs.

Contingency Recruitment

Contingency recruitment combines research and proactive outreach, alongside approaching people from our extensive database and, if required, our international networks. It also includes attracting people through advertising avenues, both online and print. This approach generates a mix of active and passive talent (people actively looking for a new role as well as those who are not on the market).

All of the candidates we provide to you will have been screened against your criteria and thoroughly interviewed to assess personality and culture fit.  This way we ensure you only receive the most relevant people to consider. We will work in as timely a fashion as possible, though unlike retained search, there are no exact timescales given for your recruitment.

Contingency search is most appropriate when there is very defined and difficult-to-find skill set, but where the timescales are less critical, or where there is a need to hire a larger number of people, usually below senior manager level.

Retained Search

Retained Search is the most effective way of securing the best talent in the whole market in the shortest time possible. The search will follow a specific and predetermined timescale and has a very structured process.

With retained search a dedicated search consultant will conduct research into agreed target companies for individuals with specific skills and experience, mapping out the target individuals across the market to create a long list for your review.

Post-review, a shortlist of the most preferred candidates is created, and these individuals are then proactively headhunted.  Once engaged, candidates are carefully screened and interviewed by your search consultant before being presented to you for further interview.

A retained search is most appropriate for mid-senior hires where timescale and skillset/experience is critical. It also provides a greater level of discretion and confidentiality as individuals are proactively approached for the role, rather than the role being broadly advertised, and can be asked to sign a non-disclosure if required.

Project Search

A project search approach is our method of combining aspects of retained search, and applying this to clients who have multiple, urgent recruitment needs but where a flexible approach is crucial, allowing resources to be easily moved from one to another.

The candidates are pro-actively head-hunted to meet your desired requirements. The flexibility of this approach allows you to direct us to the roles that are most critical at any given point during the project.

Clients typically choose a project search when multiple people need to be hired in a short space of time, and where a flexible, but highly proactive search method is still required.

If you're looking to fill a role in your organisation, call or email us now to discuss the most appropriate type of search for your needs.

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