What our Candidates say about us

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What our candidates say about us

  • The consultant displayed, indeed still displays excellent tenacity at seeking out the right opportunity for me. She maintained frequent contact, provided suggestions/tips on resumes and interviews. She was also valiant enough to recommend my profile to prospective employers for areas not directly related to my current role. She is simply the best representative I have had.
  • I have good experience with Ellwood Consulting, they helped me a lot and were also able to understand the opportunities I'm looking for currently. They helped me to review my resume and how to strengthen my profile. While offering me opportunities, they also tried to not over promise about the chances of me securing the role, but at the same time, always kept me up to date with my progress.
  • A typical approach a head hunter does is to hunt a target, get a CV submission and remain silent thereafter. There is an absence of a relationship, the target is treated like a commodity and before its expiry the CV has diminished its value; a typical sales culture applied to human capital. Fortunately, the consultants within Ellwood Consulting build relationships to understand the requirements and expectations of both candidates and employers for that match to happen.
  • This is my first experience with a consulting firm to look for a job and it was very pleasant. The consultant I dealt with at Ellwood Consulting has been very helpful, courteous & provided valuable advice which helped a lot in my job. I highly recommend Ellwood Consulting for those who are looking for new job opportunities.
  • Ellwood Consulting took the time to listen to my views and what I wanted my next career move to be. The consultant I dealt with was never critical, very professional, open & constructive in sharing her opinions. She also shared insights of the clients, the industry overview etc. to help me prepare for my interview. She made the effort to ensure that I was comfortable with the prospective employers. I think this is vital.
  • The consultant I dealt with at Ellwood Consulting is excellent, not only providing a good service but also assisting at lot in the negotiation part of my package. I'm happy with the work etiquette and the attention given by the consultant at Ellwood Consulting. She has been a great support to help me secure my current role.
  • The consultant I dealt with at Ellwood Consulting is very responsive and timely in providing update on my interview status. He will address all my concerns accordingly. This is excellent service which I must give a thumbs up. Other recruitment agents fail in this area. I will recommend my friends and family who are looking for a career move to Ellwood Consulting as they provide excellent service and thorough follow up for their candidates. All the best to you and I hope you all will be the top recruitment company in Malaysia and regionally.
  • Ellwood Consulting is very professional. The consultant helps me to plan my career selection, and advice how to choose the career that's right for me!
  • I am very happy with the services provided by the consultants at Ellwood Consulting. They are pro-active, efficient and trustworthy. I have no hesitation in recommending prospects to them.
  • Ellwood helped me land on my dream job. I know it sounds peachy but dreams do come true. What you guys are doing right now works great. If it’s working, don’t fix it.
  • When I went to my interview through Ellwood Consulting I felt fully prepared because the consultant briefed me about the client, their requirements and how my expertise would match their job scope which actually allowed to attend the interview with full confidence and I am now in a new job due to the excellent skills demonstrated by the consultant.
  • I would like to mention with a high regard to the services provided by Ellwood Consulting. The staff that attended to me were approachable and professional. I was briefed every step of the way by the consultant on what was happening to my application and also on the expectations of the employers. I communicated my concerns from time to time and they were addressed accordingly and promptly. This speaks volumes about Ellwood and I have no hesitation to recommend them to any employee who is looking for a career change or any employer who is looking for a high calibre employee.
  • I have a great relationship with the recruiter in Ellwood Consulting. She has not only helped me to find the right career, but also willing to listen to my challenges after I started my job. She continues to support me by sharing the information that she knows about the company, and also helps me to fill up the positions in my team. I don't think I ever need to find any new recruiter after meeting Ellwood.
  • I’m currently attached with Worley Parson and I got this job via one of the consultants at Ellwood Consulting. It has been 6 months here in Worley Shared Service and I have been exposed to a totally different environment. It has been a privilege to handle 12 in my team which I think is a great challenge. Moreover, I have received good feedback from my superiors so far on my performance and my staff as well which I think is fantastic. Thanks to my consultant at Ellwood Consulting for the opportunity. I have also introduced my ex-staff to my consultant at Ellwood Consulting and she has recommended her to Edelman on a contract basis.  According to my ex-staff's feedback, she is happy there and to her surprise they have offered her a permanent role based on her performance. To keep it short, the consultant in Ellwood Consulting has done a great job and I think she is an asset and appreciate the extra effort taken to deliver what we need.
  • It has been great knowing my consultant at Ellwood Consulting and she is such a committed person in recommending the right job for the right person. She carefully assessed my qualifications, working experience and personal characteristics and used her utmost professionalism in recommending the positions that suit my lifestyle and personality. During the job hunting process, she was very attentive and approachable at all times. She constantly followed up on my applications and interviews to ensure smooth and quick hiring process. I personally would like to thank the consultant for her excellent service as I managed to get an offer which suits me well and am happy with the new role! As for Ellwood Consulting as a recruitment agency, I would recommend the recruitment service to other candidates as the recruitment consultants are professional and reliable. They are enthusiastic about the recruitment service by matching the skills and experience to a job specific. With the detailed knowledge on the finance and accounting industry, this has led to high placements with high profile employers.