WMS Integration Manager

Job title: WMS Integration Manager
Contract type: Permanent
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Salary: RM10,000 - RM13,000 per month
Contact name: Andre Chiang
Contact email:
Published: about 1 month ago

Job description

​Your responsibilities

Requirements Analysis:

  • Collaborate extensively with stakeholders, including operations, IT, and logistics teams, to deeply understand the business requirements for Warehouse Management System (WMS) integration.

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of existing systems and processes to identify integration needs and potential challenges.

  • Exhibit in-depth knowledge of WMS features, functionalities, and integration technologies, such as APIs, EDI, middleware solutions, and data mapping.

Integration Planning and Execution:

  • Develop a comprehensive integration plan that outlines the scope, objectives, timelines, and resources required for WMS integration.

  • Collaborate with project management teams to ensure seamless alignment with overall project timelines.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in planning and executing integration projects, defining requirements, setting timelines, allocating resources, and managing budgets.

Vendor Collaboration:

  • Work closely with WMS vendors and solution providers to understand system capabilities, customization options, and integration requirements.

  • Collaborate on the development of APIs and data interfaces to connect the WMS with other systems.

  • Conduct data mapping to ensure accurate and consistent information flow between different systems.

System Design and Architecture:

  • Collaborate with IT architects to design a scalable and efficient system architecture that accommodates WMS integration.

  • Ensure that the integration plan aligns seamlessly with the organization's overall IT infrastructure and technology strategy.

Communication Skills:

  • Demonstrate strong communication skills to interact effectively with various stakeholders, including IT teams, warehouse operations, and external partners.

  • Develop comprehensive documentation of integration processes, configurations, and changes for future reference and knowledge sharing.


  • Rapidly identify and resolve integration issues to minimize disruptions to warehouse operations.

  • Perform root cause analysis to address underlying causes of integration problems.

  • Execute test cases to ensure that integrated systems meet performance and accuracy standards.


  • Collaborate with different departments, including IT, operations, and business units, to understand integration needs and ensure alignment with overall business goals.

  • Work with WMS vendors and other technology providers to implement and optimize integrations.

Security and Compliance:

  • Collaborate with IT security teams to ensure that WMS integration meets data security and privacy standards.

  • Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards throughout the integration process.

Change Management:

  • Develop a change management strategy to facilitate the smooth adoption of the integrated WMS.

  • Implement and manage change control processes to track and document changes to integration configurations.

  • Provide training to end-users and stakeholders on changes to integration processes.

Quality Assurance:

  • Stay informed about emerging technologies and industry trends to ensure the WMS remains current and effective.

  • Implement quality control measures to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data flowing through the integrated systems.

Scalability and Future Planning:

  • Design WMS integration with scalability in mind to accommodate future growth and technological advancements.

  • Monitor system performance and optimize integrations for efficiency.

  • Maintain comprehensive documentation accessible to relevant teams for ongoing support and troubleshooting.

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